Living In Your Light

Starting off the week well after 2 weeks of CNY break. I feel that as each week passes, I feel the need to draw even closer to Him. Being in His presence just make me feel so secured and loved.

This week marks the start of something even greater as I have finally completed something that I haven’t been able to in the past years since i’ve stepped into church. Something that means may seem little to others, but much to me. Not only did I reached me goal, but I have accomplished my past years goals as well. I was asked what do you think made you different this year? That really made me think and all that was in my head was, everything that I am doing now, is not for me, not for this world, not for anyone else, but God. Today, I can say that I am going to give God the best years of my life and really go out there to do it.

Just recently, I asked myself, have I ever regretted any decisions that you have made in your life? In the past, I would have said “yes, in fact, many“, from choosing not to study harder to get better grades to giving up certain friendships. I would have been thinking to myself, why this why that, why was I so stupid to choose this and that. But. Look. If it weren’t for my past decisions, it it weren’t for those decisions that I have made, I would not be here loving what I do, I will not be able to experience what it means to have friends that are family and I would not be writing this today. Those decisions I made back then, were decisions that God has helped me with. God knew what I was going to choose, but he still gave me a choice, because it was already written down by Him what I was going to choose that would lead me to where I am today. From the difficult seasons to the giving up of certain things, to the back sliding, God already knew that those decisions right there, were going to make me a stronger person today. It has. This is why, today, my answer can and will be a solid “No“.

This marks a new season in my life. A season regardless or what it is going to be, I trust that God has an amazing plan not just for me, but for the CG and the church. Living the best life, with the best people. From friends… to Family.


Never Lose Heart.

It has been so long since SPs preached in church and when they preach, it always starts and ends with the presence and the anointing of God. Definitely weekends are the best as every single person gets to experience the love of God so strongly every single time. I really feel that it is a very very big privilege to be a son and a daughter of God.

Today, Pastor How shared about his own random thoughts during the period whereby Pastors were on sabbatical. Even though it was just his own thoughts, but I now understand why we can become a world class church. Their hearts are just so simple, which is to love God, love people and love life. Even the smallest things that they do for people, we get inspired. Inspired to do the same. He also talked about how the devil pulls us away and destroys us by pollution or dilution. It just hit me and I knew that there was a period of time whereby I was polluted with the thoughts not from God, but from the devil. It is nothing scary physically and mentally, but spiritually, it is. It is because it draws us away from God bit by bit, until one day, we give in to the temptations. But I know that our God is way stronger than that, He was and is the only God who can pull us back from our temptations and back to living a life full of purpose and running towards our destinies. The sentence that always kept me going and back on track is “The devil can find 10 ways to pull us further away from God, but our Father God will find 100 ways to bring us back to living our best life”. What a privilege it is. Grateful.

What I have really carried away with me today was to really never lose heart. So many things. So many things can cause us to lose heart and go off track, even doing good. Just by by giving your best, it can sometimes make us really tired and weary, but then I always remember how much God has done for me and the many sacrifices we made to give us the life that we can have today. We will grow stronger in God, but we should always remember to carry the heart of God alongside us wherever we go, this is how we are able to build stronger relationships with our Father in Heaven and conquer our weaknesses daily.

Indeed, I am living the best life that I have never imagined possible in the past, but at the end of everyday, I thank God for amazing people in my life and not for these unnecessary friends in my life, life would not be as how it is now. The breakthrough is in this season and we are not going to miss it for the world.

2016 A Breakthrough In This Season

Just wanted to start of this blog by saying how powerful and impactful today had been for me. Had CG meeting with the best people in the world and even though the sermon was on gratefulness, the message being conveyed to me was so different from the previous sermons on being grateful. I would want to always be reminding myself of the things that I should be grateful for. Family, friends, leaders and so many more. Yes, it is definitely very very easy to fall into the temptation of being ungrateful, which most of us would not want to end up there. But, most of us often forget that gratefulness comes with thanksgiving and giving thanks to God may be something that we may consider small that we often take it for granted. The bible tells us that we should let our requests be made known to God, and often, we do keep making requests, so many that we forgot the most important thing, which is thankfulness. God often blesses us with the answer to the requests that we have made to Him, but we don’t always remember to thank God for what He has done for us in every area of our lives.


Today was amazingly powerful as John shared about how  gratefulness releases the power of God. This meant that the power God comes so strongly only when we are grateful and we acknowledge all that God has done for us. Most of us tend to only see the side whereby once I have seen what God can do, that all I need to know to know that there is a God out there somewhere. What we don’t see is that He can do so much more, especially when we give every single glory to Him. Knowing what God can do is one thing, but being grateful and thankful is another. God is looking out for so many people, but He still stands by us and attends to us when we need Him the most, so how could we possibly not acknowledge and give thanks to what He has done for us and everyone around us!


It just amazes me to see so many lives being changed for God and so many individuals living their best lives for God. I think this is really a season to rise up and to carry the burden for the CG. We are in a revival and the rain is still pouring down so heavily on us as we go out there to change lives for Him. I personally experienced how it felt to be walking alone and now, I don’t have to, because I am secured in my heart that He is always with me whenever and wherever I go. Lastly, I just want to say that I am very very very very very thankful for the leaders and friends in my CG and I just couldn’t ask for anything more than for them.



Out Of The Darkness, Comes A New Beginning

Today, I realised how much church, God and my spiritual family meant so much to me. I honestly do not want to be going through life without these people who already has a place in my heart. Today is the day where I realise what I was missing out on the past few months. God. Spiritual family. Pastors. Without them, there was just a big gap in my life that just could not be filled. Haven’t been writing in a very long time and I just felt so strongly that I needed to jot this moment in my down.

Pastors preached about a sermon called ‘Journey of a dream”. Pastors also explained that there are stages that will eventually lead us to accomplishing our dreams.

  1. BIRTH of a dream
  2. DELAY of a dream
  3. DEATH of a dream
  4. RESURRECTION of a dream
  5. FULFILMENT of a dream

These are the 5 stages that I will definitely remember for life. I have experienced what it feels like to have a dream that has died down and thrown aside for no one to remember. I never thought that one day, God would pick that dream that was once forgotten and put it back into my heart. That dream now, it’s burning passionately and I know that dreams do come true and how God is so real in my life. I regretted leaving the important people and things that helped me to define what life really is, how much they cared and thought about me even when I was not there. These small things really touched my heart and now, I know that there are people who care about my life, just as how I care for theirs.

Leaving God and church was never the right thing to do, but what’s worse is accepting the thought that it will lead you to live a better life. Yes, those were the thought that I once had in my head, there were times when I never saw myself as a part of them, but what I didn’t know was that in their eyes, I was a part of the team, an important member of the team. I failed to see what they saw in me and that was when those negative thoughts came in and the devil could start his work from there. Even as the devil tried to tear my life apart bit by bit, God was always there to mend the broken pieces back together. This is so evidently clear of how God pulled me out of my delusional state of mind back to the real world where I can continue working towards my dreams. My leaders always tell me, many things change, but some things will never ever change. For me, It’s living a life for others. I can safely say that I will always be living my life for others and never for myself. “Work hard for yourself, Live a life for others” , this is the sentence that helps me get through each day, knowing that not a day will be wasted in God’s eyes.

Now I know what my dreams, goals and visions are. It finally feels as though I’m back on track with the things that I am supposed to do. I really thank God everyday for blessing me with the people that I need so much in my life and I thank God everyday that these people are the people I am going to be living my life with. I know how it feels to live life without them and I never want to go through the same feeling again. To sum it all up, I believe that dreams come to the people who has the patience and the willingness to allow God to lead you through your deepest and darkest times, allowing Him to lead and guide us to victory. I never want to forget this day and moment when I recommitted my life to Him.

A New Chapter

Two years had gone past since I first stepped into HOGC and in a blink of an eye, we are going to move into our new building in about a week! There were many things that I gained from this very place, Not only did I grow to be a person who lives up to her values, but its in this place where I have found my spiritual family who I will be with for eternity. How amazing it is to be able to witness many people having their lives changed and living a purposeful life for God. There were many things that I have gained through this two years of experience and I’ve never regretted going through the many different circumstances that eventually led me to this place.

I have seen so many people come and go, close friends who were in this race, who have also decided to opt out of the race at the midway point. At those points in my life, I did feel discouraged and my heart even sunk at times. There were even times whereby I even asked myself if I should leave as well. The effect of them leaving had a great impact in my life, but there was an even greater impact that left my heart still standing strong in my commitments and convictions, that is God. Yes, there were times whereby I felt lonely, but God was always there in my lowest point of my life to accompany me though those times. I remember Him asking me, ‘Will you still stay with me even when your circumstances they try to pull you away from Me?’At that point of time, I couldn’t give God a hundred percent answer. But today, I am not just a hundred percent, but two hundred percent sure to say “YES”. I will give Him the biggest yes i have given to anyone in my life. Wherever school and course that I get posted to in the future, I know its for a purpose, I know that it’s part of your plan.

Today, I am a leader living my best life. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t act like a leader only when giving my title, but I lead by example, examples of the leaders who once led me. Even if I’m ripped off my title of a leader, it doesn’t really matter. Why? Simple, it’s because I love doing what I’m doing, I was never forced into this, but I do it because I love it, I do it because of the people who need it, I am doing what I am doing all for the people who look up to me as a role model or a big sister. the things I do were never for achieving numerous titles or getting promoted, but it was and will always be for the people. I thank God everyday for placing me in the CG together with people who make up the best team in the world. Working with them really not just helps me grow, but it thought me how I can be a leader and at the same time be genuine to the people around me. I really believe that in life, there should be a balance, different people have unique values and morals in life that they have to balance, but mine, simple just the vertical and the horizontal sides of the cross sign, which are:

  1. Relationship with family/friends
  2. Relationship with God

I’m still amazed by how God has brought me through all the multiple challenges and obstacles but yet still never fails to give me the everlasting faith that I needed. Ever since my first visit, God has not just blessed me with new people in my life, but He has also improved my family’s relationship. Can’t wait to work with more new leaders who are going to arise in His house.

‘But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added to you.’

Matthew 6:33

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Solid Foundations

Tomorrow is the day where it is a turning point in not just my life, but the lives of every other person taking their long awaited ‘O’ level results. I may be worried and afraid at certain times, especially I know the feeling of nervousness will definitely make an appearance in my heart tomorrow. BUT, no fear nor anxiousness can get a hold of my heart, because I know that I have the God almighty up in Heaven supporting me. My life is already planned out carefully and wisely by my creator, this is why I need not worry, this is why I know it will be good, this is why there is nothing to fear. God is a God of joy, peace, love and many more, but the one thing has he has given me is eternal joy that creates the foundation and source for the real joy that I am feeling every single time. No longer do I only have joy that my circumstances give to me, but I have a solid foundation in my God that will never be broken down. The joy that I feel can never be felt by just simply doing good OR doing well, but both doing good AND doing well.

Today I was just thinking through what life would be if I haven’t been saved at the very time when i was in secondary 3, I guess I could have been leading a life astray, a life of parties, i may have even gone into smoking, yes I admit, maybe smoking. That is why everyday I thank God, I thank God for saving my at the point whereby i was about to turn the extreme other way. Even though my ‘N’ level results was not what I expected, but I thank God for bringing me through ‘O’ levels because I don’t regret going through this season as I have grown from being so ungrateful and unappreciative to being a person who genuinely loves and cares for others. A person who has a ‘Others-centered heart’ because of the people that God has blessed my with in my life. I may have made some wrong moves in my life as a christian, but that does not stop me from learning new things. This helps me to learn from my past mistakes and take on new challenges.

We are never an accident, every single one of us has already been in God’s heart and mind even before we were born and I really love the thought of that. Why? Simply because in the world we live in today, we go through our daily lives searching for love, hope, trust, satisfaction, but what I know deep inside my heart is that God is with me every step of the way. He is the source of my faith. He is the source of my protection. This is why I am living life with a CG and a church that thinks the same and I will never ever take it for granted ever in my life.

The Best Comes To Those Who Wait

Yet another Sunday filled with faith after hearing what SP How just preached today. Really amazed at how Pastors prepare so hard for this sermon even though they just came back from their holiday. Amazing spiritual parents that never ever fails to put us first in everything that they do. This is why every single person who steps into the house of God will leave having a sense faith, hope & love in their lives.

photo_2015-12-07_00-39-07Today, Pastor How preached about a sermon called “The Miracle Maker”. Just from the title itself already brings the feeling of faith and dependance on God. Its very true that miracles don’t ever happen instantly, but immediately. Jesus in indeed no magician, but a miracle maker. Most of us tend to think that whenever we pray, God needs to move, but we are missing out the real idea of who God really is. Instead of thinking how God needs to move when we pray, it should be God WILL move when we pray. God is a God who is constantly blessing us with the different miracles in different aspects of our lives, but the question to us is are we willing to wait, to wait for the what God has for us. God is more than happy to provide us with the right miracles at the right time, but it is at the expense of our patience. This is like God’s test to us, are we willing to wait for the time for the miracles that God can’t wait to bless us with, or are we just going to let it go because of we think that God doesn’t hear our prayers, or will we stand our ground and continue to trust in God that He is preparing something greater for us.

This is the absolute reason why I was placed in Heart of God church till this day, this is how i am going to live the best years of my life together with my spiritual brothers and sisters. This is why I believe I am placed in LR50 for. BREAKTHROUGHS. We have been waiting so long for this breakthrough and from a CG that just started out with 6 people, we finally broke through 16 just recently. But this is not the end yet, I believe that God is not done with us yet, we are destined to grow into a zone. From what started as a 6 person CG will grow into a zone with faith-filled leaders who are willing to do anything and everything to uphold God’s most mighty name.

Thank you so much Pastors for always giving your best in whatever you do and showing how much you care for us in your many different ways. Never regretted my decision to live for Christ and I still remember the day when i first came and it was the debut of pour song “Not Afraid”, it has just spoke into my life in so many different ways. Love You Pastors